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What is GRI Reporting

GRI Reporting provides internationally accepted standard disclosures and reporting principles to enable all organisations, regardless of size, sector or location, to report on the governance approach and the economic, environmental and social performance and impact of an organisation on its local and broader community.

This report provides transparency to our stakeholders with respect to our sustainability goals and targets, principals and our progress towards achievement of a sustainable business and future for our Club.

We have a commitment to sustainability in terms of the following:

  • Economic – Maintain a strong focus on financial performance and asset growth. Manage our operations in a sustainable manner, whilst continuing to support and grow our local economy and communities.
  • Environmental (link to Sustainability page)– Continue to develop our environmental plan which at its core will reduce our footprint. Always be conscious of how we can better utilise our resources.
  • People & Community (link to Community Page)– Continue to be socially active in our local community, providing support and inclusion to the many and varied local organisations and groups. Continue to provide strong support and development of our people.