WB Brasserie

(William Beach Brasserie)

The Award Winning WB Brasserie offers an extensive menu with dining zones to suit our diverse mix of members & guests, families, couples, singles and groups.

Check out our FunZone for kids, with state of the art indoor playground, PlayStation games and playpanels for toddlers.

We have a daily chefs creations menu all week, as well as daily $8.50 specials by the Chef of the Day, Monday to Friday.

Open 7 Days a week for lunch and dinner.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lunch 11:30am 2:00pm 11:30am 2:00pm 11:30am 2:30pm 11:30am 2:30pm 11:30am 2:30pm 11:30am 2:30pm 11:30am 2:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm 8:00pm 5:30pm 8:00pm 5:30pm 8:00pm 5:30pm 8:30pm 5:30pm 9:00pm 5:30pm 9:00pm 5:30pm 8:00pm

Scroll down and check out the menu, or Download the WB Brasserie Menu

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(G) – Gluten Free | (V) – Vegetarian

Select your table number & notify the cashier upon ordering.

Please inform the cashier if you have any food allergies.

Daily Chef’s selections also available : See the Menu Board

Entrees & Share Plates
Non Members
Garlic Bread (V) 6.25 6.95
Grilled Cheesy Herb Bread (V) 6.90 7.65
Garlic & Mozzarella Cheese Pizza 9″11.00 12.20
Fresh Tomato & Basil Bruschetta (V)
on turkish bread
8.50 9.45
Crunchy Seasoned Steak House Chips (V)
served with garlic aioli or gravy
SM – 6.00
LG – 7.95
SM – 6.65
LG – 8.85
Brooklyn Fries (V)
crunchy seasoned steakhouse chips loaded with gravy & stringy cheese
8.90 9.90
Rustic Potato Wedges (V)
with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
8.90 9.90
House Made Soup of the Day 6.00 6.65
Crispy Pork Wontons
with wombok salad & nahm jim
12.45 13.85
Peking Duck Spring Rolls 
with cucumber pickle and plum sauce
10.00 11.10
Lamb Rendang Croquettes
with mint riata & roquette leaves
12.45 13.85
Jamaican Jerk Wings
with ranch and spicy srirachi dip
13.45 14.95
 Salt and Pepper Squid
with green leaf salad and spiced aioli 
16.20 18.00
Chicken Breast Wedges 10.00 11.00
Loaded Nachos
choice of chicken or beef with cheese, guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa, jalapenos
14.85 16.50
Kids Meals
Non Members
Grazing Dinos
dinosaur shaped chicken wedges with chips & salad
10.00  11.10
Chicken Breast Wedges
chicken wedges served with chips & salad
10.00  11.10
Monster cheeseburger
beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese,
tomato sauce & chips
10.00  11.10
Fish Basket
fish cocktails served with chips and salad
10.00 11.10
Rump Steak (G)
with veggies or chips & salad
10.00  11.10
Chicken breast (G)
grilled chicken breast served with veggies or chips & salad
10.00  11.10
Angry Bird or Sunny Hawaiian Pizza
Angry bird (salami) or ham & pineapple, served with chips
10.00  11.10
Chicken Schnitzel Slider
Crispy chicken, tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato, served with chips
10.00  11.10
Sausage and Mash 10.00  11.10
with bolognese sauce and mozzarella
10.00  11.10
Chocco Chino
Rich and frothy chocolate milk topped with sweet cream
 2.00  2.20
Dixie Ice Cream Cups
Served with fairy floss and choice of toppings
 3.50 3.90
Serpent Aquarium
Blue lemonade jelly with mini marsh mellows and entwined serpents rising from the deep
 3.50  3.90
Ice Cream Sandwich
Dipped in chocolate and 100’s and 1000’s
 4.00  4.45
Burgers & Sandwiches
Non Members
DLC Beef Burger
200g succulent beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese, aioli, smoky Jack Daniel’s sauce, crispy onion rings in a toasted brioche bun
16.90 18.80
Portuguese Chicken Burger
Chicken breast dry rubbed in Portuguese spices, served with lettuce, tomato and zingy peri peri sauce
16.50 18.30
Steak Sandwich
200g rump steak, red oak, aioli, bacon, cheese & onion, tomato relish on a turkish roll
17.90 19.90
Chicken Schnitzel Burger
on turkish roll, served with hand crumb schnitzel, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot & mayonnaise
16.50 18.30
Pork Schnitzel Burger
hand crumbed schnitzel, bacon, Yarra Valley plum sauce, coleslaw with appl cider aioli
16.50 18.30

All burgers served with a basket of crunchy seasoned fries

Additions: Crispy bacon $2.50 : Fried egg $2.00

  Non Members
Vegetarian (V)
tomato, mozzarella, pumpkin, baby spinach, artichoke, feta, pepperonata & roquette
14.90 16.55
BBQ Chicken
shredded chicken, bacon, mushroom, onion & basil
15.50 17.20
Pepperoni & Cheese
tomato & garlic base, mozzarella, pepperoni slices & fresh basil
15.50 17.20
Meat Lovers
BBQ sauce, mozzarella, bacon, pepperoni, salami, chicken, fresh herbs & onion
16.00 17.75
Gourmet Supreme
tomato, mozzarella, bacon, salami, mushrooms, olives, onion, capsicum, fresh basil
16.00 17.75
tomato, cheese, chilli, prosciutto, roquette and feta
16.00 17.75
shredded prague ham, pineapple and mozzarella
15.50 17.20
Smoked Salmon
garlic pizza base with red onion, smoked salmon, capers, topped with sour cream and dill
16.00 17.75

Extra Toppings: Meat $2 : Veg $1 : GF Available $2

From The Char Grill
Non Members
250g Black Angus Rump (G)
MSA 150 day grain fed from the lush temperate climate
of Southern NSW
19.50 21.65
300g Riverina Grain Fed Scotch Fillet (G)
char grilled to your liking
27.45 30.50
WB Mixed Grill
lamb loin chop, rump steak,  sausages, bacon, egg, grilled tomato, mushroom & onion rings
27.00 30.00
Ocean Earth & Fire (G)
300g MSA Darling Downs beef eye fillet topped with
scallops, prawn skewers 
& a fiery cream sauce
33.50 37.20
Fillet Mignon (G)
200g MSA Darling Downs beef eye fillet wrapped in
 served with creamy mushroom
27.85 30.95
Big Boy Steak
Can you handle it? 1kg black angus rump served with sides and choice of suace
44.95 49.95
Char Grilled Chicken Breasts (G)
with Creamy Garlic sauce
Lrg 18.90
Sml 15.90
All of WB”s From The Char Grill can be served with your choice of vegetables or seasoned chips and salad.
PLUS one of WB”s famous house made sauces complimentary:
Creamy Mushroom, Pepper, Diane, creamy garlic, Red Wine Jus or Chimmicurri (G) (great with grilled meats)
Old Favourites
Non Members
Old Style Baked Lasagne
with fresh basil & melted mozzarella, served with chips & salad
15.90 17.65
Classic Hand Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel

or Chicken Parmigiana, Tomato & Mozzarella

or Bacon, Avocado & Mozzarella







Tender Veal Schnitzel
served in crisp crumb with choice of sauce
20.00 22.20
Homemade Gourmet Sausages (G)
with mash, sauerkraut & caramelised onion gravy
16.50 18.30
Pork Loin Medallions
2 succulent pork loin medallions with grilled mushrooms & choice of sauce
18.90 21.00
Crumbed Lamb Cutlets
Three freshly crumbed lamb cutlets
25.00 27.75
Zucchini Falafel Fritters (V)
on cous cous with Moroccan spiced relish and riata
15.90 17.65
From The Sea
Non Members
Seafood Tower for Two
fresh prawns, BBQ octopus, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, prawn cutlets, panko calamari, prawn cones, served with chips, garden salad and dips
44.95 49.95
Panko Crumbed Flathead Fillets
served with fresh lemon, citrus aioli, chips & salad
19.50 21.65
Seafood Basket
crumbed prawn cutlets, panko calamari, prawn cones,  fried fresh sesame salmon served with house made tartare, chips & salad
20.50 22.75
Atlantic Salmon (G)
grilled with asparagus & chive hollandaise sauce
24.95 27.70
Grilled Barramundi Fillet (G)
with macadamia and chive crust
19.90 22.10
Non Members
Chicken Caesar Salad
char grilled breast fillet strips with crisp cos lettuce, bacon, boiled egg, parmesan cheese & fresh grilled herb crouton
17.45 19.40
Jalapeno Squid Salad
spicy jalapeno squid, lettuce, red onion, pepperonata, avocado and lemon tahini dressing
17.45 19.40
Crying Tiger Salad
marinated beef rump grilled and sliced, tossed with salad leaves, crispy glass noodles and thai chilli dressing
18.45 20.50
Super food salad (G)(V)
kale, aniseed roasted sweet potato, edamame, alfa sprouts, watermelon, feta, chia seeds, & creamy macadamia dressing
16.90 18.80
The selections below are grilled and basted with a special blend of olive oil, lemon, garlic, cumin, salt and water.
The smoky char grilled flavours generated by the basting permeate through the meat resulting in a taste sensation to make any hungry Gaucho’s mouth water.
Garden salad, fresh lemon, chimmicurri and bad boy potato chips complete the experience.

Brazilian BBQ
Non Members
Whole Rack of Tender Marinated Beef Ribs  31.95 35.50
Chicken & Chorizo Skewer  22.50 25.00
Beef Fillet & Onion Skewer  25.95 28.85


Take a look at our selection of cakes, slices & tarts at the Brasserie bar
dessert display or Lobby Lounge Café. Kids and adults ice creams
also available along with cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate and herbal teas.