Our Story

If the walls of the Leagues could talk, it would tell tales of great mates and great adventures on and off the field. Generations of Dapto locals and visitors call this little corner of Bong Bong Rd and Station St as extension of their homes. Cheers to that!

Our History

Dapto Leagues Club was built with a vision of having a place for people to meet within our community. On Tuesday, 12th July 1955, a group of 14 local businessmen, sportsmen and community leaders held a meeting at the premises of Mr. J. Timbs to discuss the idea of forming a club in Dapto. Out of this meeting came the Dapto Leagues Club. From 14 members in 1955, the club has grown to over 20,000 members today.

We thank and acknowledge our founding members for their efforts and hard work in making the club the place it is today.
Albert Simpson, Harvey McDonnell, Harry Walker, Bill Morrell, Merv Evans, Bill Redpath, Matthew Ridley, Frank Tuckey, Len Hartley, Jim Timbs, Cecil Bland, Alan Hayes, Alan Simmons, James Ross