As a connected community, we do everything together, not only to celebrate the good times but also to ensure the sustainability and health of our planet. After all, there is no Planet B.

Environmental indicators

At both our Dapto Leagues Club site and the Grange Golf Club site we recognise that our trading operations and processes impact both positively and negatively on the natural, social and economic environments around us.

In response to this recognition, and in the interests of leading by example, Dapto Leagues Club and the Grange Golf Club have committed to minimising the negative impacts on these three environments through continual improvement and the pursuit of best practice within our operations.

Our Club has been an active partner of the Office of Environment & Heritage (“OEH”), Sustainability Advantage (“SA”) Program since November 2009 as a Bronze Member , with more recently achieving a Silver Membership of the SA Scheme, as a result of the sustainability measures implemented at both our Club sites by our Green Team.

The Sustainability Team (The Green team) is pivotal to delivering upon internal sustainability objectives and goals, as well as engaging with external stakeholders to shape sustainability in the broader context of the community.

The role of the Sustainability Team is to provide leadership, coordination and guidance to the integration of sustainability into the trading operations of both Club sites, including the administration of initiatives and projects designed to meet the Clubs sustainability objectives and goals.

Our Club has obtained assistance in improving its environmental sustainability performance from Rana Environmental (“Rana”). Rana provides our Club with guidance to align us towards sustainability as a core business management strategy, so as to realise operational cost savings and reduce our environmental footprint.