Notice of Meeting Policy

Dear members,

In February 2022, the Corporations Amendment (Meetings and Documents) Act 2022 came into effect. The new laws establish a more practical and simpler system for companies to send documents to members electronically.

This system entitles Dapto Leagues Club to send members AGM and other meeting notices using the following electronic means:

– Sending members an email with a PDF attachment of the meeting notice

– Sending members a text message or email with a hyperlink to the meeting notice

– Sending members a text message or email with instructions on how to access the meeting notice (e.g. by logging in to a member portal)

– Mailing a postcard to a member’s physical address with instructions or details of how to access the meeting notice online.

By using electronic methods, Dapto Leagues Club has the opportunity to interact with members using the avenues where they consume information, thereby ensuring members are informed about important club matters like AGMs and extraordinary meetings.

Using electronic communications will also save considerable paper. The club industry alone uses more than 40 million pieces of paper per year for meeting notices, even though many recipients prefer digital communications.

Members’ rights to receive documents in physical or electronic form

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (the Act), members of this club may “elect” to receive documents in physical or electronic form.

Section 110K of the Act obligates Dapto Leagues Club to inform members of their right to make this election, as per this notice.

Club members who do not make any election will be sent documents, including meeting notices, in line with Dapto Leagues Club’s processes, and based on the contact details we hold.

Members may elect to receive all company-related documents in physical or electronic form, on a permanent basis.

Alternatively, members may elect to receive only a particular document in physical or electronic form, on an ad hoc basis.

Members who elect to receive information electronically must provide Dapto Leagues Club their email address and mobile number, if the Club does not already hold this information.

Members are entitled may make an election in writing, by emailing info@daptoleaguescom.au or phoning 02 4261 1333.

The Club’s privacy policy and privacy collection notice can be found at daptoleagues.com.au/privacy-policy

Please note that Dapto Leagues Club is not required to accommodate your elected communication type if we receive your election less than 30 days before the document is required to be sent. However, we will nonetheless make every effort to accommodate your request.

David Hiscox
Chief Executive Officer
Dapto Leagues Club
On behalf of the Board

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